Stage 5 day 7 – Big weather in Seskatchewan

In my last full day in Canada yesterday, there was some dramatic weather just after I passed the town of Weyburn. I was enjoying a light if slightly humid tailwind when this monster appeared on the horizon:

As I passed under it I felt like a very small sea  creature walking down the seabed with a huge wave breaking overhead.  Here’s a video clip of that moment: under the cloud

I was expecting to get a good soaking because, surely, that amount of water couldn’t  stay there for ever! But in the end it was only very light rain, and then i was out the other side into some sunshine and another striking scene:

As an indication of how flat it is here, there is a railway line between the yellow quinoa (a bio fuel crop) and the green road side grass.

 Those of you following me on Strava or keeping an eye on the GPS tracker will see that I’m only 50 miles away from the US border – so I should be back in the USA by the end of today!

3 thoughts on “Stage 5 day 7 – Big weather in Seskatchewan

  1. keithsmum Jul 11, 2016 / 8:41 pm

    welcome back to the US! That was impressive weather in Canada! xxx


    • cuddlingbear Jul 12, 2016 / 9:25 pm

      Well done, back in the USA. It doesn’t look as though there’s much of a border post there! Your pics certainly show how flat it is. Looks nice in its own way although could be a bit boring. Maybe I would like it because there wouldn’t be any steep walks to avoid! Good for cycling, I’m sure you find. Serious flooding or what. And you managed to avoid getting seriously wet, which is something you can do without. Does this happen often? Everyone in Estivan at least got treated equally – no-one can complain about the lucky people living at the top of the hill. Did you get any first-hand accounts of what Saskatchewan is like in winter? Look forward to hearing about differences, if any from your point of view, between Canada and USA.

      Here – news dominated by aftermath of Brexit vote, Theresa May to become Prime Minister.
      Take care, Dad


      • keithd2016 Jul 13, 2016 / 3:36 pm

        There was a military grade border post a couple of miles before that. I would have taken a photo there, but i didnt want my camera seized! The prairies arent as dramatic as mountains, but are still spectacular – something that Ive been unable to capture in any photo. The only accounts of saskatchewan in winter were that the last winter was really mild with only a couple of feet of snow. No differences yet between US and Canada (apart from road signs now in miles) but I’ll let you know as the changes become apparent. Hope all is well in Dunkeld.


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