A number of people have asked “is there going to be a blog?”. Well, “Yes”, here it is! I’ll try my best to make posts interesting and succinct. The intention is to use this as an open diary, so there will be daily updates (internet access & battery power permitting!)
For those with better things to do with your time than read my daily ramblings, there will also be a summary update every 10 to 15 days at the end of each of the 24 stages (see the Route page for more details)

If you are just interested in how far I’ve got, take a look at the bottom of the Route page for instructions on viewing my GPS tracker. I’ll also be updating Strava (again, internet access & battery power permitting!) and putting the occasional post on Facebook.

Another frequent question is “Are you raising money for a charity?”. In a word “No”. Giving to charity is a very personal thing – how much, to whom, and when. But giving to charity is a good thing, and if my trip has inspired you to give, I’m honoured. Visit JustGiving and donate to a charity that helps out people you care for, or a stands up for a cause you believe in. If you want to give me credit for your donation of your hard earned cash, by all means add a link to this blog (www.keith.bike)